Past Events   

Product Metrics workshop session 1: Metrics Deep Dive
Wayne Xu - From Silicon Valley to China, an Xoogler's entrepreneurial Journey
How to Develop Global Perspectives and Apply them to Building and Growing Products for Billions of Users
Roundtable: When product meets blockchain - Onsite Registration (1)
Roundtable: When product meets blockchain - Onsite Registration
Product Pub Anniversary Ceremony 2019
From Netflix PM Director: How to become an AI PM
Partner Conversation with Lark: The future of collaboration
Personalization at Netflix: Making Stories Travel
Private Roundtable with Tencent Executives: Content-driven Product & its Industry
Noob onboarding tips sharing round table - Registration
From Networking to relationship building
Stakeholder Communications (1)
Speaker Archetype Workshop, by Product Maestro
Product Teardown with Weee! - Invite-Only
Product Pub co-hosting event: Google Design Sprint Methodology Workshop
Product Pub 16:Cracking Product Manager Interviews (2)
Product Pub 15:Cracking Product Manager Interviews (1)
Product Pub 13: Brainstorming
Product Pub 11: Difference between PM in China and US
Product Pub 12: Is Wechat Stories a successful feature?
Product Pub 14: UX Design Principles

2019 Events:

2018 Events:

  • July 

    • Product Teardown: Dating Apps​

    • Product Teardown: Home Decor

  • August

    • Roundtable: eCommerce and UGC content​

    • Roundtable: Hooked

  • Sept.​

    • Roundtable: A/B testing​

    • Roundtable: AI in Products

  • Oct​

    • Roundtable: User Research​

    • Roundtable: Growth 1

  • Nov​

    • Roundtable: Growth 2​

  • Dec​

    • Annual Conference: Product Pub Summit 2018​

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